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nymea:energy can be installed on any Linux-based Wallbox.
The Wallbox then becomes a state-of-the-art energy manager in digital premium class.
PV surplus charging is our absolute field of expertise, but the stack can do much more than that.

If your Wallbox is not based on Linux, we can offer Linux modules (SoMs) including managed firmware.

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White Paper

What exactly is nymea:energy?
Why is the Wallbox the perfect carrier device to deploy energy management services in customer's homes?



The user is our absolute focus.
The user experience is simplified by hiding all the difficult-to-understand tech in the background.

There is no need to assign static IPs, no need to enter ModBus registers in some kind of web interface.

A auto-setup with sophisticated menu navigation makes it possible for almost anyone to set up their individual smart charging solution.

Your customers will be delighted and recommend your products to others.



nymea:energy Gateway as white label solution

The quick solution: offer your customers an upgrade for your wallbox.

nymea_energy SDK.png

OS for smart chargers

nymea:energy as simple embedded application, SDK, or as fully managed OS incl. OTA.
Low time-to-market. No technical risk.



nymea:energy as hardware-software-combination for direct installation.
Including (W)Lan and all required interfaces. A cost-optimized SoM with a future-proof design and good availability.

nymea energy home screen mockup.png


If there is no app for your charger yet, we can create a custom variant from the popular nymea:energy app in a short time.

Low time-to-market.
No technical risk.

Performant and mature.



nymea GmbH

High Tech Campus Vienna
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 10
1100 Wien

+43 1 99 77 068

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nymea GmbH is an IoT software company from Vienna. 
nymea:energy is a spin-off with the goal of accelerating the climate revolution. We focus on interoperability and usability energy systems since this are main pitfalls in the market. The nymea team has been focusing intensively on solving this problem for 7 years - with success.


The core product of nymea GmbH is a comprehensive software environment for connected devices, with numerous components for edge, smartphone apps and cloud environments. Nymea is used by many well-known companies for the development and operation of smart products.


"Over the last few years, we gained lot of experience in the consumer electronics industry and helped develop dozens of cool IoT products. With nymea energy, we apply this experience on the usability of charging stations. We want to become the "Android for charging stations."

Simon Seres, CEO and Co-Founder

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