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nymea:energy merges with Chargebyte, enhancing our portfolio with top-tier smart charging solutions.

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nymea:energy can be installed on any Linux-based EV charger.
The charger then becomes a state-of-the-art energy manager.
PV surplus charging is at the top of our expertise, but the stack can do much more than that.

If your Wallbox is not based on Linux, we can offer charge controller and Linux modules (SoMs) including full stack firmware.



native compatibility with

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CB solar charging

Native compatibility with PV systems


Charging with surplus energy from local PV generation is unbeatably cheap and increases the profitability of the PV system. However, the connection between the PV system and the charging station is a major technical challenge, as there are no established standards for communication. We have taken the effort to ensure compatibility with all relevant PV inverters out-of-the-box. No additional hardware such as an external energy manager, wiring or meters are required! Configure the software and you're done.

CB Apps

Trendy smartphone app

generic white label app mockup.png

Take control from anywhere in the world. Today, a smartphone app is an essential part of a smart charging station.
Our sophisticated app can also be customized for white labelling. The app visualizes energy and consumption data and provides easy configuration methods to personalize smart charging with volatile renewable energy. Setting up the components is largely automated and therefore straightforward for any installer.

CB dynamic tariffs

Supports dynamic electricity tariffs

chargebyte - spotmarket.png

Only a few people enjoy the benefits of their own PV system, but everyone can take advantage of cheap, renewable energy: dynamic tariffs (spot market tariffs) will be the new market standard soon. Oversupply of renewable energy results into low prices. Our software autonomously shifts the charging processes to favorable periods. (coming soon)

CB load balancer

Dynamic load distribution

chargebyte - load balancing.png

In line with our motto "plug and forget", we are redefining dynamic load management. We are working on a solution so that smart charging stations can automatically find and configure each other. Of course, the weighting can be changed at any time using the smartphone App. All devices based on nymea:energy and/or EVerest will be compatible with the auto-balancing feature. (ca Q4/2024)

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